License to Kill in Syria – Reporter’s Notebook: The China syndrome in Syria

Posted: July 15, 2012 in License to kill in Syria

Syrian President Bashar  al-Assad would be under a lot more pressure without the diplomatic and  military support he’s getting, in varying doses, from Iran, Russia and China.

It’s easy to see why the Russians might support their longtime friend, who’s  spent billions of dollars importing Russian weapons and who provides a useful  port for the Russian navy in a strategic part of the world.

It’s even easier to see why Iran would stand by its only real ally in the Middle East,  given that Assad has apparently been quick to share technology with the nascent  nuclear nation and to provide a convenient and geographically direct path for  Iranian weapons being sent to Iran’s proxies, Hezbollah  in Lebanon.

But what does China have to gain from standing by an international pariah in  a region of the world far removed from the Far East?

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